Before the founding of Hamasdegh Armenian School, the Washington D.C. community provided Armenian lessons to students at Roosevelt High School and later on in homes.

In 1967, a small group of dedicated leaders in the community, with the goal of preserving Armenianness and knowledge that an Armenian school was necessary to teach the language, created a committee who set the foundation for the one day Armenian school who would later come to be known as “Համաստեղ Հայ Դպրոց”. The founding members of this committee were

  • Mr. Kourken Asadourian
  • Mr. Haig Gakavian
  • Mr. Onnig Marashlian
  • Mr. Jirayr Haroutounian
  • Mr. Sarkis Nazarian
  • Mr. Levon Palian
  • Dr. Barkev Kibarian

In 1967, the Arabian and Agnouni halls found at Soorp Khatch Church were built. In December of the same year, the Armenian classes began. Under the same roof, there was already an Armenian Sunday school for English speakers that already took place under the auspices of Der Dikran Avak Kahana Khoyan. In the 1976-1977 school year, the two schools merged into one. Per Mr. Kourken Asadourian’s suggestion, the school was named after the Armenian American writer, Hamasdegh (Hampartsoum Gelenian 1895-1966). In October of 1968, Hamasdegh School only had 17 students, 3 teachers and a principal. Over the years, the numbers of students grew as large numbers of families immigrated to the United States from the Middle East. The parent teacher association also formed in the future years.

Currently, Hamasdegh Armenian School has 91 students, 14 teachers, 2 substitute teachers, a principal, and an administrative assistant/treasurer. Classes begin mid-September and end mid-July. Students attend for 10 years, from pre-k to 8th grade. Every Sunday students begin their day in the Soorp Khatch Church Sanctuary for morning prayer and lessons from the Bible and about Armenian Apostolic church traditions and Holy Days by Der Sarkis Kahana Aktavoukian.

Hamasdegh Armenian School / Համաստեղ Հայ Դպրոց

Soorp Khatch Church
4916 Flint Drive
Bethesda, MD 20816
Tel: (301) 229-6880

Hamasdegh Armenian School PTA

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Last update:  July . 8, 2021 

School year 2021-2022

The first day of school is Sunday September 12, 2021 at promptly at 9:30 am inside the sanctuary for morning prayer and communion. 

For students enrolling in pre-k, they must be 4 years of age by October 31 , and 5 years of age by October 31 for Kindergarten.


Please register your child(ren) today by visiting

Please note that our space is limited and we will enforce all county guidelines in regards to social distancing and masking.  Therefore, we have limited our registration from July 1, 2021 – August 1 2021.  This will allow the Hamasdegh staff to plan the location of each classroom given the number of students registered for in person sessions.  We will not offer a zoom option at this time.


As the current guidelines suggest, all students under the age of 12 must wear a mask at all times.  Also, students will stay in their classroom during the entire session and may have a snack at their desk during designated times.  Please note that water stations will be shut off; therefore, all students are expected to pack their snack/water.  

We will not offer a “Dzil” Little Sprout class this year for 3 year old students.


Tuition is $400 per student for the 2021 -2022 school year.

Time period

School runs from September to June.


In addition to learning the Armenian language, children learn Armenian religion lessons, songs, literature, dance and participate in assemblies which commemorate major holidays, learn about Armenian culture, and make friends that last a lifetime. The academic year culminates in a year-end Hantes and graduation ceremony, which showcases all that the students have learned throughout the year.

Time and Place

Classes convene on Sundays and begin at 9:30 AM with a special service for children each week in the sanctuary.  No lunch is served but children are encouraged to bring snacks to eat in class at designated times. School runs from September to June.

School Staff 

Updated July 8, 2021