An integral part of the Soorp Khatch Church community, the Groong Senior Group is actively engaged in fulfilling many volunteer needs by contributing their time and talents in service to the church.

The Groong Senior Group was re-launched on December 5th 2017, with a mission to promote, celebrate, and create awareness of Armenian cultural and spiritual heritage.

Our goal is:

  • To engage, enrich, and empower the group by providing activities and programs of social and intellectual nature.
  • To support the health and well-being of our participants in a comfortable environment with utmost compassion and dignity.
  • To encourage altruism in giving back to the community.
  • To revitalize and provide new activities that bring new experiences.

Our activities include:

  • Program luncheons, directly related to a significant Armenian religious or cultural event, such as The Feast of St. Sarkis, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.
  • Annual Dessert Fundraiser during Feast of the Assumption of Holy Mother of God in support of two Armenian orphans through the Eastern Prelacy Orphans Fund Program.
  • Outreach and cooking workshop with the Leo Sarkissian interns of the Capital Gateway Program of ANCA.
  • Field trips to landmarks and historical sites around Washington Metro area.
  • Visits to individuals who are home-bound or residing in nursing facilities.
  • Small social gatherings to promote friendship and to participate in informal fellowship.
  • Enhance and encourage participation with fellow parishioners of St. Marys in programs of mutual interest.

We invite you to join us and gladly welcome your ideas.  Please contact the Groong Senior Group Co-Chairs: Hakinth Terpandjian at (202) 680-9922 or Karine Sahagian at (240) 505-4838.