The National Representative Assembly of The Armenian Apostolic Church of America (NRA) is the highest legislative body within our Prelacy.  The NRA (as set out in the Prelacy’s bylaws) has the authority to elect a Prelate and an Executive Council; to adopt, review, or modify the Prelacy’s activities; to supervise the financial affairs of the Prelacy (including the adoption of an annual budget); and to otherwise supervise and control the ecclesiastical and administrative bodies that exist within the Prelacy.

The NRA meeting is typically held once a year during the month of May, although extraordinary meetings can be convened, in certain circumstances. The Annual NRA is commonly hosted by one of the parishes. The Executive Council is given the responsibility of selecting the site and dates of the annual meeting, typically to the parish that volunteers during the current year NRA meeting.

The number of delegates chosen to attend an NRA meeting is determined based upon the number of members in good standing of all of the Prelacy’s parishes. Each parish, regardless of size, is entitled to elect at least two delegates. No parish is entitled to elect more than seven delegates. In addition, for each six lay delegates elected, the clergy within our Prelacy are entitled to elect one delegate with voice and vote at the NRA. The number of delegates each parish is entitled to, based upon their membership, is as follows:

  • Up to 99 dues paying members–two delegates.
  • From 100 to 199 dues paying members–three delegates.
  • From 200 to 299 dues paying members–four delegates.
  • From 300 to 399 dues paying members–five delegates.
  • From 400 to 499 dues paying members–six delegates.
  • More than 500 dues paying members–seven delegates.

As a result, Soorp Khatch is currently able to select 5 Representatives to serve on the NRA.  Our parish members elect these individuals during Soorp Katch’s Annual General Membership Meeting in March, with staggered 4-year terms for each Representative.  Individuals are elected whom our members believe will suitably represent our parish, exercise critical thinking and work in the best interest of the Prelacy as a whole.

Our current NRA Representatives are (updated, May 2022) :

Name Term
Mrs. Elda Hacopian 2022 – 2026
Chris Hekimian 2022-2026
Krikor Mossessian 2022-2026
Col. Aram Sarafian 2018 – 2023*, 2023-
Dr. Zareh Soghomonian 2020 – 2025*

* all terms extended 1 year due to COVID-19