Soorp Khatch could not function without the many individuals and organizations that support our parish.  If you are not already involved in one or more of our church groups, we urge you to get involved.  We are always looking for volunteers and encourage you to learn more about how you can help.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (BoT) serves as the volunteer leadership for Soorp Khatch.  BoT Members are responsible for the finances and administration of the parish.  They also work closely with the pastor to develop programs that enhance the spiritual, national, educational, and social life of our community.  The general membership elects the Board of Trustees during the Annual General Membership Meeting in March.

National Representative Assembly

The National Representative Assembly (NRA) serves as the highest legislative body within our Prelacy.  The NRA has the authority to: elect a Prelate and an Executive Council; adopt, review, or modify the Prelacy’s activities; supervise the financial affairs of the Prelacy (including the adoption of an annual budget); and otherwise supervise and control the ecclesiastical and administrative bodies that exist within the Prelacy.  The NRA meeting is typically held once a year during the month of May.

Church Service Members

For more than 50 years, members of our parish have played a special role in bringing our community together to celebrate our beautiful Armenian church service.  Our Clergy, Acolytes, Choir Directors, Organists, and Choir members celebrate our Badarak (Holy Mass) on each and every Sunday.  We welcome you to join us as well.

Ladies Guild

The mission of the Ladies Guild is to provide support to our Der Hayr, Board of Trustees (BoT) and Soorp Khatch community.  Some of our activities include hosting the annual Lenten Dinner, baking Easter Choreg, preparing Madagh, assisting with the church’s Annual Bazaar and hosting memorial luncheons.  The Ladies Guild also assists the Armenian school, choir, church and youth-oriented organizations of Soorp Khatch Church.  With the assistance of the Pastor and BoT, the Ladies Guild also helps those parishioners who are hospitalized, bed-ridden or in mourning.

Social Club

The Soorp Khatch Social Club was launched in 2017 to further comradery among our parishioners.  The Social Club holds events through out the year looking for new ways to engage our community members.  We welcome your involvement and feedback as we develop programs to attract as many individuals as possible, as we work to further strengthen our inclusive community.

Senior Group

The Multi-Generational Senior Group works to engage, enrich, and empower its participants by providing activities and programs of a social and intellectual nature. The organization was recently relaunched with a mission to promote, celebrate, and create awareness of Armenian cultural and spiritual heritage.  The Senior Group is actively engaged in fulfilling many volunteer needs by contributing their time and talents in service to the church.