Youth ministry is the Church’s effort to help each and every young person grow personally and spiritually.  It is more than programs and events, but rather an effort by the church community to reach out to the youth with the love of God as revealed to us in Jesus Christ and expressed in the life and traditions of the Armenian Apostolic Church.  Youth ministry is a means for both junior high and high school students to grow as individuals while exploring ideas, values, and faith within the context of a supportive community of peers and adults.  The general aim of youth ministry is to help teens ages 12-19 develop a clear understanding of their Armenian Apostolic Christian identity and to help them engage responsibly and more effectively within the life of the parish, Prelacy and communities at large.

The Prelacy has already developed extensive curriculum for both clergy and lay members to follow as they lead discussions with the youth in their communities.  The Prelacy has also successfully pilot tested youth ministries in a number of local communities, sharing many of their lessons learned with us at recent meetings.  As a result, Soorp Khatch wants to launch the next successful youth ministry.  But, we are looking for mentors to lead these discussions with our youth, as well as young persons who are interested in participating.

If you would like to learn more about how you can volunteer to serve as a mentor, or if you would like to find out how your children can participate, please contact Der Hayr at the church office at 301-229-8742.