The mission of the Ladies Guild of Soorp Khatch Church is to provide support to our Der Hayr, Board of Trustees and to our community. We do so with a great sense of fellowship, a love for our church and we always give our best to accomplish our goals.

Annually, the Ladies Guild gives 75% of our net income to Soorp Khatch Church. This is given at the end of each year. Also, to commemorate our church’s anniversaries, the Ladies Guild gives a donation every year.

The Ladies Guild is a group of dedicated women who work together with the Board of Trustees to support our church in various ways. Some of the activities that we organize or participate in are the annual Lenten Dinner, the Easter choreg baking, the madagh preparation for the Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God, the church’s annual bazaar and anniversary dinner and the memorial luncheons.

We also care about helping those who are in need, both within and outside of our church community.

We welcome anyone who wants to join the Ladies Guild and contribute to our mission. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications to be part of our group. All you need is a love for our church and a willingness to serve our community.

Our Current Ladies Guild Executive

Name Position
Mary Garabadian President
Christina Berberian Olarte Vice President
Danielle Shegerian Recording & Corresponding Secretary
Annette Berberian Hinkle Treasurer
Vivian Chakarian Advisor

Past Ladies Guild Chairwomen

The BoT acknowledges the dedicated services of the following chair ladies of the Soorp Khatch Ladies Guild starting with the first president in 1959 – Seda Gelenian.

Name (Starting with the last previous chairlady to first chairlady)
Akabi Atamian
Janet Alemian
Thelma Kostegian
Margaret Dardarian
Mary Derderian
Ophelia Mnatzakanian
Oski Ornadzian
Nancy Sharigian
Ann Toutlian
Yerchanig Loosararian
Ardemis Kocharian
Alice Najarian
Seda Gelenian

The following members were recognized for their 15 years or more service to the Ladies Guild:  Yeretzgin Sirarpi Khoyan, Nyart Sharigian, Angelina Abrahamian, Ophelia Mnatzakanian, Margaret K. Dardarian, Maro Asatoorian, Mary Garabadian, Sossi Khatcheressian, Khonar Tavitian, Bertha Guiragossian, Seda Gelenian, Virginia Garabedian, Ann Atanosian, Mary Srabian, Margaret Dardarian, Yeretzgin Armenouhi Vertanessian, Rosique Aivazian, Doris Minassian, Sossie Arabian, Arax Khachikian, Ann Toutlian, Rose Baboyian, Alice Mukitarian, Margaret Krikorian, Margaret Kamalian, Janet Alemian, Mary Derderian, Zabelle Paul, Akabi Atamian, Alidz Khachaturian, Eleanor Caroglanian, Yerchanig Loosararian, Oski Ornazian, Loosik Mangassarian, Laila Kavaldjian, Helen Fieldson, Julie Hamasian, Ophik Petrossian, Susan Le, Rose Marsoubian, Aghavni Miranian, Rose Balian, Yvonne Miranian, Michelle Mnatzakanian, Barbara Tutelian.  The plaques are displayed outside the church office.