Prayer is the bond that we as Christians have with the Almighty God.  By praying we get into touch with our beloved Lord.  Praying makes us children of a Lord, who himself prayed in his earthly ministry.

One of the ways we pray is called intercessory prayer.  We pray for a member of our family, someone in our circle of friends, for our co-workers, anyone who is sick or having a hard time. Our obligation as Christians is to always pray for others and ask the Lord to protect them and keep them in his grace and mercy.

Soorp Khatch offers incessory prayer every Sunday.  In fact, we announce all the names of those who are in need of prayer and ask the whole congregation to pray for them.  Please contact the church office at (301) 229-8727 by noon on Friday, so that we can make sure to add your loved ones to our Sunday service prayers.